Legal Compliance

Green Home works closely with suppliers and third-party audit institutions to guarantee the legality of our products. We have established Product Traceability System, Supply Chain Management Mapping to identify and record the documents in accordance with different regional regulations as in Lacey Act, EUTR (EU Timber Regulation) and Illegal Logging Prohibition Act (in Australia).

For more relevant information, please visit the following links.
Lacey Act | EUTR | Illegal Logging

Environmental Compliance

Environmentality has always been the top concern for the public and within the industry. Green Home products comply with CARB P2 as in the CARB Composite Wood ATCM, California Code of Regulations, Sections 93120-93120.12, Title 17.

We ensure the formaldehyde emission, from qualified suppliers, in our manufacturing facility and to the national testing center, is in full and strict control to the standards in CARB requirements.

Certificate # SCS-CARB-000097 | Certificate # SCS-CARB-000138

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